MAC Ricky and Nicki for Viva Glam & MAC Tendertone Swatches

Thursday, February 9, 2012

MAC Ricky and Nicki for Viva Glam is now available at Nordstrom counters for purchase. The lipstick retails for $14.50USD and the clear lip conditioner is $15USD. Along with the new Viva Glam products, I also swatch the new tendertones from Shop, Shop, Shop and Cook, Cook, Cook Collection.

The Ricky and Nicki lipstick is not as cool-tone compared to the previous release. This is a deeper and warmer pink, which I think will be flattering on most skin tones.  It has great pigmentation as well.  The lip conditioner is clear and has no color.

In terms of the Tendertones Lip Balms ($15USD), Purring and Hot N Saucy both do not have any shimmers. I used a brush to do the swatches to build up as much color as I can.  They are quite sticky and has a strong sweet fragrance. Hush Hush and Tread Gently both have gold shimmers. I think these are better as lipstick toppers. They are not as opaque compared to Purring or Hot N Saucy.   

Overall, both Ricky & Nicki and MAC Tendertone Lip Balms are pretty but not necessarily must-haves for me. 

What's on your list from both of these collections?


Girlie Blogger said...

really like the ricki and nicky lip color. very pretty.

Leticia said...

I keep looking at Nicki and trying to decide if I can pull it off. It is such a fun color.

Eden-Avalon said...

Thank you so much for the swatches~ The nicki lipstick is lovely~

Kristie said...

Girlie Blogger - yes, it's pretty indeed!

Leticia - I think you can pull it off. It is not too cool or warm tone and can be sheered for a lighter pink!

Eden-Avalon - np! Are you picking it up?

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