MAC Vera Collection Swatches and Review

Thursday, February 9, 2012

MAC officially launched the Vera Collection today along with Shop, Shop, Shop and Cook, Cook, Cook. I was more drawn to Vera because the shades are more subtle and easier to pull off compared to SSS, CCC for me. Both collections are now available for purchase.

The Vera Collection reminds me of MAC's Spring Colour Forecast Collection, which was the first to launch Crushed Pigments.  These cost $34USD for 4 different shades.  It's a pretty good deal considering each color costs less than $9 and you get plenty of pigments in the jar.

First up is Butterfly Party, which includes a glittery teal, a blue-based purple, violet, and mossy green. I wasn't particularly impressed with this stack when I swatch it dry. I think they will be much better wet, especially the blue-based purple shade.

Strawberry Patch is actually quite pretty for those who love pink pigments.  One of the shades has a lot more glitter compared to the rest but overall, these are nicely pigmented.

As a taupe/brown lover, I liked Aloha pigment stack the most.  The orange/copper and gold shades are both beautiful.  


I tried both of the pearl matte powders on my face for comparison.  Sunday Afternoon is more cool toned and pink on me.  It applies more like a pale pink blush and doesn't have as much sheen compared to Flower Fantasy.  On my cheek, Flower Fantasy is unquestionably lighter and is more of a highlighter.  It has a much brighter sheen compared to Sunday Afternoon.  I picked up FF instead since I didn't need another pink blush.  However, I think Sunday Afternoon will look very nice on pale/light skin tone ladies.

The Pearlglide Intense eyeliners are creamy, pigmented, and has great staying power.  Some of these shades are re-promoted from past collections. One of the most popular shades is Undercurrent, which got sold out almost instantly the last time it was released.

Here they are again in different lighting although the image on the top is the most color accurate.

I did swatch the plushglasses but they were all relatively sheer that it was difficult to capture on camera. Surprisingly, the most opaque was Confetti, a shade that I've seen many times from MAC.

Overall, MAC Vera has something for everyone.  The colors are suitable for all skintones and is not too bright or bold. 

Bottom Line: Check out the Pearlglide Eyeliners and pick up at least one shade.  My top pick is Black Swan since it's a beautiful shade that I haven't seen from other lines.  The closest I can think of is Chanel's Black Shimmer, which is more black in comparison.  Undercurrent is also very popular as well as Petrol Blue.  The Pearlmatte Powders are pretty but not necessarily must-haves.  If you're looking for a highlighter, Flower Fantasy is the one to check out. If you want a cool-tone pink blush with a tad of a sheen, Sunday Afternoon would be more fitting. Plushglasses are a skip for me. I don't use pigments much but any of the 3 are good choices depending on your preference of colors.

What came home with me? Black Swan, Black Line, Flower Fantasy.

What will be coming home with you?


Project Swatch said...

Petrol Blue is so pretty! I ordered the Flower Fantasy pearlmatte powder, but I'm rethinking it - I'm wondering if it will be too frosty for me.

Kumiko Mae said...

great swatches! omg i thought u bought all!

Kristie said...

Hi Project Swatch, Petrol Blue is quite gorgeous! I think it has high sheen but is not too frosty. I hope it works out for you.

Girlie Blogger said...

The colors are brilliant.

Rola said...

I have been less of a shadow person, but more into color liners. The more intense the better. The swatches are helpful. Thanks.

MissA* said...

I definitely going to stock up Black Line and Lord It Up. They're my favourite MAC liners.

Lucy said...

I passed up on Black Swan last time it was released... I'm glad to see it's back, I need to have it :)

resham said...

The display is so cute... :)

Eden-Avalon said...

Siiiiiigh~ I am not purchasing any makeup this month so I will just admire from afar.

faye lu said...

i can't wait for this to be released internationally. thank u for the preview =)

4premiere said...

really beautiful collection:) Black swan and undercurrent liner are very pretty but i have seen form Sisley the same and Nouba.

nikki said...

I just got black swan and undercurrent thanks to your swatches:)

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