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Saturday, March 10, 2012

When it comes to beauty GWPs, I am a total sucker for mini lip products.  They are so easy to throw into my purse without adding too much weight or taking up too much room. These provide me the opportunity to try out the products before having to make a full commitment. I personally have gone back to purchase the full size product many times after using a mini lipstick/glossimer.

So tiny but so cute!

As you already know, I absolutely adore Chanel's Glossimers. They are non sticky and have incredibly beautiful shimmers. I was thrilled to find a mini glossimer in Spark, a well-known shade from the permanent line in a recent GWP from Nordstrom. Gorgeous isn't it?

Sparks is a deep berry fuchsia with gold shimmers. It looks a tad deceiving in the tube but you can really see the fuchsia color on the wand.

The next cute item is a Rouge Dior Lipstick #644. I don't personally own any Dior lipsticks so this was a nice opportunity to try out the product.  This is a beautiful glossy red.

Here are swatches of Chanel Spark and Rouge Dior lipstick #644. Spark is not as red in comparison but both are gorgeous in their own way. The Rouge Dior lipstick felt really nice and moist on my lips.

Last up is Fresh's Sugar Lip Treatment SPF15.  I was incredibly excited to find this in Sephora's Birthday gift set. I have always wanted to try the lip treatment seeing how popular it is with the beauty community.  It felt super smooth and buttery on my lips. I was in love instantly.  Unfortunately, the love affair lasted for about 20 minutes.  For some strange reason, my lips became uncomfortably dry and started to peel shortly afterward.  I am sad to say this simply did not work for me. Perhaps it's the SPF ingredient or just something else that triggered the allergic reaction. I truly envy those of you who can enjoy what this product has to offer.

What are some of your favorite mini size items?  Have you tried any of these before?


Eugenia said...

The dior lip gloss looks amazing!!

GirlieBlogger@Seattle Beauty and Fashion Blog said...

I love mini products too. No reason to buy a big bottle without trying it first.

Blackmentos said...

Love love mini products! That chanel lipgloss is such a beautiful shade of berry! Much easier to finish up and to sample especially when full sizes are costly! Have fun!

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

I absolutely love the Chanel glossimers as well :) They are really great lip glosses and surprisingly not tacky :D

Jacqueline said...

I love my mini Burberry Lip Mists. I love the mini Dior it looks stunning!

Pammy said...

The Dior lippy looks really cute and the shade is gorgeous. :)

LittoMokaa said...

I love mini lippies too! They are so cute and so fun to collect XD I never finished a lipstick or a gloss so these sizes doesn't make you feel bad for wasting a product if ever it doesn't work out :P

Liz (Beauty Reductionista) said...

Chanel needs to do GWPs here in Canada soon. Unheard of!

Happy birthday, K! When is it? I just collected my Fresh duo as well. :)

Eden-Avalon said...

I always lose my minis D:

Polarbelle said...

I have a Knicks knack cabinet of mini lip products. I love them!!! I don't think I have any Dior minis tho.

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