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Sunday, March 25, 2012

I confess. I am addicted to sweets. Cookies, brownies, ice cream, gummy bears, if it's sweet, I will devour it. Recently I have been trying to cut down on my sweets consumption but  it takes a lot of willpower! I find Aveeno's Beauty Change Challenge as a great opportunity to encourage myself into achieving a fresher, healthier, and more beautiful lifestyle in the next 6 weeks. This week's challenge is on food and yes, my eyes are zooming straight to that first row of cupcakes!

Normally I would go home with at least 1-2 cupcakes but I was very good this week.  Instead of buying sweets that are full of butter, sugar, and artificial flavors, I satisfied my sweets cravings with sweet crunchy apples instead.

Since we have officially entered Spring, there are also a lot more delicious fruits available.  One of my favorites is mango, which is now popping up at my local supermarket aisles.  They are surprisingly quite sweet.

I also found a really nice basket of blackberries and strawberries.  These go really well with yogurt and a little bit of granola on top.  The strawberries are not quite in season yet so they're a bit of a hit and miss. 

I also find myself feeling a lot healthier when I add more leafy greens to my diet.  The biggest noticeable difference it makes is to my skin.  I don't break out as much and I feel a lot more energetic throughout the day as well.

My guilty pleasure is still grilled sandwiches but I do try to balance it out with a salad. Instead of eating a huge portion of burgers and fries, I go for eggplant, tuna, or crab sandwiches and a side of greens.  I also cut down on smoothies by replacing them with water or hot tea on a cold day.

I find that these simple little changes really help increase my energy throughout the day. Since my new job is incredibly hectic with long hours, the need to maintain a healthy and balance diet is now more important than ever. There are also a couple of tricks I now use to keep myself in check:

1. Avoid going grocery shopping when I'm hungry.  This is the worst time to go because everything looks good and I want to eat it all.
2. Head for the fruit and vegetable aisle first and steer clear of the snacks aisle. If I can't see the chips, I won't buy them.
3. Whenever I have a sweets craving, I will reach for a piece of fruit instead of a piece of chocolate.

What are some of your tips and tricks for maintaining a healthy diet?

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