Guerlain Emilio Pucci Summer Terra Azzurra Terracotta Collection Swatches and Review

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Guerlain's Emilio Pucci Summer Terra Azzurra Terracotta Collection is making its debut this month.  You can now find this collection at Nordstrom both online and in stores. 

 The bronzer and blush retails for $75USD.  It is held in a wooden magnetic compact that is similar to one of my all time favorite bronzers, the Sublime Radiant Powder (reviewed here). This also comes with a nice silk pouch with the iconic Pucci print.  The first half of the powder is a bronzer and the latter half has 3 different blush shades - coral, dark pink, and pale pink.

The quad in Capri retails for $59USD. This has a medium pink, coral, deep burgundy, and frosty white shade.

The meteorites or also known as Pearls d'Azur Illuminating Powder retails for $59USD and it comes in a special package with the Pucci print. There is also a powder brush with blue bristles that retails for $43USD. I was surprised to find the brush to be quite nice and soft on the skin.

The collection also has 2 nail polish ($22USD) shades in Coral Pink and Indigo Blue.  Indigo Blue is the more unique shade out of the two due to its metallic and shimmery finish.

Capri eyeshadow quad is actually really nicely pigmented as shown in the swatch.  The texture is quite nice and smooth.  The Meteorites has no color, only visible shimmers under the light.

There are also 3 new lipglosses ($32USD) in the collection - Sunny Coral, Sensual Brown, and Indigo Blue.  The Khol Kajal Eyeliner is a deep blue indigo that is pigmented and glides on the skin easily.  It retails for $36USD.

On my hand, you can see the bronzing powder to be bronzy coral and the blush is a nice coral pink.  Unfortunately on my cheeks, the bronzing powder all swirled together creates a muddy shade that was not at all flattering.  It looked as though I was sunburned, but not in a good way.

One last image in different lighting:

Overall, this is a nice collection but personally I do not think any of the items are must-haves.  If you are a huge fan of Emilio Pucci, the bronzer, brush, and meteorites are all nice collectors items. Although the products all have great pigmentation, I feel that the colors are not particularly unique. We've seen the coral and blue theme in practically every single collection this summer.

Bottom Line: If you're on a budget, I think it's safe to skip this collection altogether (which is what I did). The bronzing powder and blush has an incredibly smooth texture but the shade was a muddy mess on me.  I recommend trying it out in person before shelling out $75USD. The glosses are nice with Indigo Blue being the most unique out of the 3 if you feel like being adventurous. The meteorites goes on clear with visible shimmers like every other meteorite that was released in the past.  If you must get something up from this collection, my picks would be the eyeshadow quad, the Khol Kajal Eyeliner, and any of the 3 collectors items with Emilio Pucci prints on them (for Pucci collectors).

Have you seen this collection yet? What are your top picks?


Rola said...

I have always loved Guerlain bronzers, I like that they included blush colors with this one. It might be a good time for me to replenish the meteorites powder, the Pucci packaging is gorgeous.

Amy said...

The bronzer looks yummy on your hand! :)

4premiere said...

i'm very huge fan of Guerlain but i think it's not their the best collection.

Anonymous said...

hi!!! are you fair-skin/pale? would you recommend this collection for someone like me who will remain pale for the whole summer? there's nothing worse than muddy cheeks and a bronzy face and pale neck and arms! is there any summer collection you would recommend for a pale skin tone? i always have trouble buying makeup this time of year!! help!! :D the terracotta gloss looks pretty with the matching polish but, natalia is definitely bronzed in the picture, the eye shadow looks beautiful, for a person with a darker complexion, i'd imagine. thankyou very much!!! xo.

Anonymous said...

I just want to pick the Bronzer & blush Think will be perfect for this summer =*.*= the rest of the collection is boring

Steph said...

sunny coral looks gorgeous!

Kristie said...

Anonymous - Hi! I actually have a tad of a tan. I am NC30 right now. I think you can use this with a mixture of more blush to the bronzer. If you can, try this in person to see how it looks on you. It's quite difficult to tell since everyone's skin tones are a bit different. I would definitely recommend checking out Chanel's Summer Collection if you're interested in bronzers. Their products tend to be flattering on most skin tones. You can also try Dior's bronzers or Guerlain's other permanent bronzer items. Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

Is there any shimmer in the bronzing powder?

Popcorn said...

I really like the packaging of the meteorites. It is so beautiful. I don't own anything from Guerlain so I think the first thing I should try is their meteorite.

Jacqueline said...

Hi Kristie thanks so much for the useful swatches again. The bronzer looks so lovely on the pan though. I appreciate your review, I will probably have to see this in real life before deciding whether to buy. I am also between an NC30-35. I am looking forward to the Chanel bronzers too. I have a Chanel addiction!

Eden-Avalon said...

Ooooh....I love the coral in Capri.

resham said...

Need you help and Suggestion.

Please suggest the BEST neutral EYE shadow Quad and best wearable Pink and Coral Pink Blush by CHANEL (skin color NC40)

I am putting up this GIFT pack for my cousin. Not limited edition stuff, coz its difficult to get anymore.

Thank you!

Kristie said...

Anonymous - there is very fine shimmers in the bronzing and blush powder. You can see some of it in image captured. It's not big and not noticeably on the skin though. HTH!

Resham - Your cousin is so lucky to have you! For quads, I recommend Enigma. The new summer collection duo is really gorgeous as well. As for Blush, Orchid Rose (Darker Pink) or Rose Ecrin (lighter pink) is flattering on all skin tones . If you want coral pink, Tweed Brun Rose is hands down one of the best shades I've seen.

Makeup Magpie said...

Thanks for the great photos! I've been so tempted to get something from this collection, but have been splurging on other brands lately, so I'm kind of glad to hear that these items aren't total must-haves! :)

Alana Mitchell - skincare tips said...

Hey Guerlain's, these products are just amazing and I hope these will work fine with any kind of skin, i have a very dry and rough skin do these products will have any side affect on them? If yes then please provide some good skincare tips for my skin so that i can use these products also.

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