Chanel Island and Delight Le Vernis Swatches and Review

Sunday, May 20, 2012

I have meaning to write about Chanel's Summer 2012 Collection for quite some time now but life has simply been too busy as of recent. Thus, you may have noticed the frequency of posts has been less than usual. I'm finally catching a small break this weekend to get my blogging mojo back on. Anyhow let's talk about the new les vernis now shall we?


Chanel came out with 3 shades - Island, Delight, and Holiday in this collection. Each of the shades cost $26USD.  As usual, I picked up the lighter and more neutral leaning shades. I was particularly excited about Island from the promo pictures.  Seashell pinky beige? Must have!  

Look at all those beautiful shimmers!

Delight on the other hand was a blind purchase. It is my very first gold nail polish purchase.

I really didn't know what to expect with Delight. In the sun, it turns into this bright shimmery burnt gold.

The one thing that Chanel seems to do so well is to create chameleon-like shades.  Indoors, Island is a soft pink with a hint of beige and Delight is a medium gold with lots of shimmers.

The minute I step out into the sun, Island turns completely Beige with very fine shimmers but there is virtually no pink detected. Delight on the other hand is super bold, glittery, and shimmery.

Out of the two, I find Delight a bit more unique compared to Island.  I say that because OPI's Cosmo Not Tonight Honey! is incredibly similar to Island. In fact, it has a little bit more shimmer in comparison. I was also disappointed that it turned beige in the sun. I really wanted the seashell pink color instead. Chanel's Delight is much more gold compared to LMdB's Lame Entertain You.

Overall, I like Chanel's new summer polishes but I am not in love with them.  I had a hard time pulling off Delight since the color is completely out of my comfort zone.  However after wearing it for a week, the shade somewhat grew on me. Its texture is so much better compared to Island, which required 3 coats to get full opacity. I can get away with just 1 coat for Delight.

Bottom Line: These are nice shades that are dupable and not must-haves for me.  I purchased these without seeing them in person but would most likely skip if I had. If you're on a budget, I'm sure you can find plenty of similar colors at a lower price point. I'm really looking forward to seeing more  innovative shades from Chanel. As of late, I feel like the colors are not as unique as the ones from last year.

What are your thoughts on Island and Delight?


Michelle said...

Did you mean Chanel Summer 2012 or 2010? I looove Delight, that was the only nail color I picked up from the collection.

Anonymous said...

hi!!! i have been somewhat gloom about chanel for sometime now, no disrespect to peter phillips but, i loved when heidi morawitz was the creator (excuse my spelling of their names).i just feel there's no "wow" factor??? well, that's my opinion. when i was at the chanel counter, island was to sheer for me and i feel i'm too pale for delight. otherwise it seems like a color more suitable during holiday time. i know your thoughts on guerlain but, i have to tell you their new polishes are grand. much more wear time and no polish odor, at all!! i had issues with chanel summer from last year too. i'm still debating what jac is really wearing in the ad campaign, like last year. well again, my opinion. i always look forward to reading your wonderful reviews!! thankyou very much! xo.

Kumiko Mae said...

they look amazing but i dont think i am willing to spend so much on a polish!

Memoiselle said...

Delight is amazing! I am loving it so much! As for Island, I am not looking forward to get that as I am not into pearly color polish :) Nice pics

GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

Good colors. But they are really expensive for not loving them.

MM Curator said...

Island does nothing for me but I need Delight!! Thanks for the pics and swatches. :)

Rola said...

They are both beautiful shades...Revlon Fall Mood is a good slightly warmer dupe for Delight if you do not want to splurge.

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