Chanel Fall 2012 Collection Swatches and Review Part II

Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Chanel Fall 2012 Collection part 2 continues! See more lip product and eyeshadow swatches in part 1 here.

Premiere Regard is an eyeshadow quad retailing at $58USD.  From the pan alone, one can tell that 2 out of the 4 shades are more on the matte side. The shimmery brown taupe shade is pretty while the other 3 are rather disappointing.  There is a dark matte black, chalky light pink, and chalky gold shade.  Overall this quad is a let down compared to other outstanding quads from Chanel.

Rose Initiale is a shimmery pink powder blush that looks rather bright in the pan.  However, this is a gorgeous subtle pink that is soft and glowy on the cheeks.

Chic is a Rouge Coco Shine Lipstick ($32.50 USD). This is a sheer beige with very fine gold shimmers.

Troublant is a Rouge Allure Extrait De Gloss ($32 USD). It is a beautiful plum with gold shimmers. I was also quite fond of this shade.

Lumiere D'Artifices Beiges is a limited edition highlighter/bronzer ($65 USD).  At first glance, it looks quite similar to Sable Beige Bronzer but this has a hint of coral and gold shimmers. The bronzer provides a natural, light beige glow.  I was surprised at how much I like this product.

In brighter lighting:

There are also 3 new nail polish shades in Frenzy, Vertigo, and Suspicious ($26 USD).  Frenzy is a light cement grey with no shimmers.  Vertigo is a deep brown with shimmers and Suspicious is a fuchsia. I was not blown away by any of the new shades.  Vertigo's shimmers did not show up on the nail while both Frenzy and Suspicious are not particularly unique.

Overall, I find this year's Fall Collection nice but is missing the "wow" factor compared to past seasons. I think the dark lip shades are particularly outstanding as well as the face products. For me, the only limited edition item worth picking up is Lumiere D'Artifices Beiges. It's quite nice not all of the items are LE so check them out in person before taking the plunge.

My top picks: Rose Initiale JC, Troublant Rouge Allure Extrait De Gloss, and Lumiere D'Artifices Beiges.

What have you picked up from the collection?


Polarbelle said...

I'm waiting to see this collection in person before I order. But I think I'm dying for the blush and two glosses. I hope to know later this week. :)

prettyaspeaches said...

I'm so sad about that quad. Booo Chanel!

makeup magpie said...

I think I feel the same, it does seem to be missing the wow factor. I'm going to skip the eyeshadow quad. The blush looks great & and I really want to go back and get it! :) Thanks for the lovely photos and swatches :)

G said...

I love the quad - picked it up at Saks - it reminds me of the old Dreams and Winter Nights - kinda a cross between the 2 - I also picked up the silver eye pencil - LOVE.

Miaka said...

Agree that I don't feel the wow factor. Only the blush caught my eye but the pull factor is still very weak

Anonymous said...

hello really love our blog you have a great style....
really love the JC blush i think is similar to the spring horizon blush.
The Beiges is a highlighter or just a powder? o.O

memoiselle said...

The blush caught my most attention. It's a pity that the quad doesn't look that outstanding. I wish Chanel would have better nail polish collection for winter too

Becca @ The Beauty Sample said...

I surprisingly didn't like the highlighter--I thought it wasn't quite glowy enough and provided more beige color than anything. I love the blush though--got that and Troublant!

Caroline said...

I wasn't blown away by this collection either! Oh well, more money in my wallet I guess.

Anonymous said...

I purchased the quad, troublant, and the blush. Love them all. Not sure why none of you like the quad. Kind of refreshing not haveing all the overly frosty colors that a lot of them have. These colors work beautiful together. Lots of ways to wear them. I feel like everyone says they don't like it because of one review. Everyone looks different in the same colors. It's all about your eye, hair, and skin coloring. Plus your age!

Bingo Online said...

I have all those colors! They are all gorgeous aren't they? they are the type of nail polish that do not make your nails yellow/

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