Burberry Velvet Lipsticks Swatches and Review

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Burberry recently launched 12 new Velvet Lipsticks with a chic matte packaging. I'm not really sure I understand why new matte lipsticks from most brands are called "velvet".  Perhaps it's a comparison to something that's velvety rich? In any case, this seems to be the new trend and it's here to stay.

I know there are only few Burberry counters available so I'm excited to share with you a (photo heavy) post to help make your purchases a tad simpler!

The velvet lipsticks from Burberry starts at 301 and ends at 312, ranging from lighter pink to deep red shades.  First up are 301 (Pink Apricot) and 302 (Peony Rose).

303 (Antique Pink) and 304 (Redwood)

The shades get slightly darker as the numbers increase.

Swatches of 301-304

305 (Honey Suckle) 306 (Pink Amber)

307 (Rose Pink) and 308 (Pink Azalea)

We're now heading into the coral and medium to deep rose shades

Swatches of 305-308

309 (Fuchsia Pink) and 310 (Military Red)

311 (Bright Poppy) and 312 (Hawthorne Berry)

Rounding out with red, fuchsia, and brown:

Swatches of 309- 312

These lipsticks don't feel particularly drying but they are not moisturizing either. I'm personally not a fan of matte formulas but may have a change of heart after seeing these beauties.  My only gripe is that no matter which brand I try, my lips always feel dry after 3-4 hrs of wear time.  I have to prep my lips with a balm underneath so the colors can go on evenly.

Matte lipstick lovers, which shades are on your list of must-haves? Have you Burberry Velvet Lipsticks yet?


makeup magpie said...

Thanks so much for these photos & swatches. I don't have a counter nearby so this is very helpful! I always tend to go for the lighter shades. I have my eye on numbers 301 to 306! :)

Delyteful Speaks said...

I cant wait to try these lippies'

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting these swatches ;) I like 301 & 303, but I'm not really a big fan of matte lipsticks regardless of brand because just like you, I feel like after a few hours my lips are super dry & shriveled! :/
Have you had a chance to check out Burberry's new eyeshadow quads? I'm really looking forward to those, can't wait! lol
x Maria

Virginie said...

Beautiful pics!!!! Thanks!!!! I didn't see military red like this. I saw it on another blog, it is different...

Jacqueline said...

I have been dying to get my hands on these but did not want to buy online. I love matte lipsticks! I am eyeing Military Red, Bright Poppy and Rose Pink. I wish they will reach our counters sooner. Thanks for the lem worthy post, you made me drool all over my laptop yet again! :)

Rola said...

I am trying matte lipsticks this season. I picked up 312 a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for the swatches.

JoanneP @ The Convenient Beauty said...

You're super-photographer! The pix and swatches are gorgeous! I want them all, well at least 302, 305, 309 :D

GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

I have dry lips too :O( Especially this time of the year. The lipsticks look gorgeous. I actually like the matte effect.

Resham said...

such amazing swatches as usual. Mattes are lovely, but my lips are never smooth enough to sport a matte color.

btw, do you have a photography blog or website.. If not, I think you should have one.. You are awesome!

Porcelain Eleanor said...

you've taken such good photos of them all! I absolutely love all the shades, I can't get enough of neutral peaches and pinks, I'd but every single one if I could afford them! haha
Eleanor x

memoiselle said...

Oohh thanks foe the complete swatch!! Velvet lipstick is not my favorite range but since this is from Burberry, I might check it out :)

beautyincrisis said...

Ι am so in love with these lipsticks! I first got 311 and then 310, I love the texture and the colour range! I also like the packaging which I find even better than the original Burberry's lipstick!

I love your blog so much, you do amazing job and your swatches are always the best!
Maybe you could check my blog as well (there is trsanslator on the right) if youlike, it would be amazing to see any comments from you :-)

*phoebe* said...

Loved this post! Do you happen to know which shade the model is wearing? I was told it's 311 Bright poppy, is that right? Ireally want to find a shade similar to that :)

Kenderasia said...

I think that this formula is amazing, I've just bought 308 Pink Azalea and I want also 311! On me they're not particularly drying...

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