Chanel Utopia, Mirage, New Moon Illusion d’Ombre Eyeshadows Swatches and Review

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Reflets d'Ete de Chanel Summer Collection has finally arrived with 3 brand new Illusion D'Ombre eyeshadow shades in Utopia, Mirage, and New Moon. You can now purchase them from Macy's, Nordstrom, and Neiman Marcus.

Out of the 3 shades, Utopia and New Moon are both limited edition. Mirage will be an addition to the permanent line.

First up is Utopia, a lovely lilac with multi-color shimmers.

The texture of Utopia is similar to shades such as Rose de Vents or Emerveille, where the shimmer is soft, not gritty or overly glittery.  This glides on the eyes like butter without any fallout.

Next we have Mirage, a medium bronze shade that is very pretty for an every day subtle look.

This also has multi-color shimmers that can be seen under bright sunlight.

Last but not least, we have New Moon, a warm copper shade with a lot of glitter.

 In the pot alone, you can see how glittery New Moon is compared to Utopia and Mirage. 

Swatches of the 3 in bright sunlight:

In natural daylight:

A couple of other shades for comparison:

Rose des Vents is pinker compared to Utopia and Ebloui is slightly darker compared to New Moon. As you can see, New Moon is much more glittery compared to any of the other Illusion D'Ombre I own.

Overall, I like the new shades from Chanel's Summer Collection, in particular, Utopia and Mirage.  New Moon looks really nice in dark lighting or very lightly swatch. However, on the lids, it is very glittery and I do experience fallout a couple of hours after application.  I can definitely see myself wearing Mirage everyday since it's an easy and flattering shade for my brown eyes. I also love Utopia because it's one of the few lavender shades that doesn't lean too cool or pastel on my olive skintone.  I'm on the fence about New Moon as it turns out to be too glittery and the beautiful copper seems to be lost in all that sparkle.  I think if you like the shade but don't like noticeable glitter, Ebloui might be a good alternative for New Moon.
What are your thoughts on Utopia, Mirage, and New Moon? Which one is on your shopping list?


Sharlynn Ng said...

Soooo beautiful! I totally need new moon and mirage! I would love to buy at least one to try the texture!

Denise Wong said...

Mirage and new moon are soooo pretty <3
But I still prefer Armani eyes to kill singles ;)!

Jacqueline said...

I absolutely love Chanel illusion d'ombres so I will be picking this up. Thanks yo your swatches I think I'll only pick mirage. I have Ebloui already so no need for new moon.

Sharina said...

Mirage looks like my next IdO purchase! beautiful swatches and absolutely useful review! :)

Isabel said...

Great review, I'm happy to know new moon is so close to ebloui since that one is my Mom's favorite ( sadly discontinued. :(. ) if you would like to sell new moon I would be happy to buy it.

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